Checks (SKU: 5975-23)


Item Description

Save money and print your own checks on these high quality and very secure check stocks.

  • 8-1/2" x 11"
  • 24# Security Bond Paper
  • 9 Different Layouts
  • 3 Colors - Dark Blue, Green  and Burgundy
  • 3 Different Check Positions -  Top, Middle or Bottom
  • 13 Security Features: Void Pantograph, Microprint Signature Line, Padlock Icon, Check Warning Borders, Security Back Printing, Thermochromic Padlock Icon, Coin Reactive Ink, Ghost Padlock Watermark Backer, Chemical Reactivity, Toner Adhesion, Fluorescent Fibers, Bleed Through Micr Numbers  & Bleed Through Red Arabic Numbers
  • Packaged 500 Per Pack